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Christy West’s Bikini Only Just Covers her Boobs

Published on October 6, 2011 By administrator

Blonde Beauty Christy West is preparing for a swimsuit calendar.  She’s wearing a bikini that barely covers her breasts, so feel free to stare for a while, she doesn’t mind.  Christy describes what type of guy she’s after, so if you fit the bill it could be worth sending an email across 😉  If not, […]

Girls on Space Hoppers in Bikinis = Bouncing Boobs

Published on May 14, 2011 By administrator

Now for a bit of science, here’s my simple proof as to why you need to watch the video below.  There’s a simple formula which goes like this:- Girls on Space Hoopers + Bikinis = Bouncing Boobs Also keep in mind that we have already seen proof that:- Bouncing Boobs = Improvement in Heart Health […]