Girls on Space Hoppers in Bikinis = Bouncing Boobs

Now for a bit of science, here’s my simple proof as to why you need to watch the video below.  There’s a simple formula which goes like this:-

Girls on Space Hoopers + Bikinis = Bouncing Boobs

Also keep in mind that we have already seen proof that:-

Bouncing Boobs = Improvement in Heart Health

Hence, by substitution we conclude that

Girls in Space Hoppers + Bikinis = Improvement in Heart Health

So, if you haven’t been out for a run today, don’t worry, if you’ve eaten 2 quarter pounders, fear not. Sit back and watch this video over and over again, enjoy the bouncing boobs, by watching them you’re doing yourself a world of good. Downblouse Doctor knows what’s good for you!


Want more? You’re becoming a health freak looking at all of these boobs every day. That’s a good thing, as is the site below, it will give you all that you need to maintain optimum heart health, feel free to click on the banner

Boobs are Good for your Heart Health

Boobs are Good for your Heart Health


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